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About Bio-Organics™

The Bio-Organics™ range of complementary medicines has been formulated for efficacy and quality. It includes one of Australia’s most popular glucosamine ranges, Cranberry for the treatment and prevention of cystitis symptoms, together with a wide variety of other products such as CoQ10 to support energy production and heart health.

A trusted name
The Bio-Organics™ brand has a long and proud history. Established as a range of high-performance sports supplements in the early 1980’s, the range was expanded and diversified over the next two decades and today it is one of the leading natural health brands in pharmacy.

The Bio-Organics™ ethos
Bio-Organics™ products are about getting results. When we ask people why they take a Bio-Organics™ product, they frequently respond with “Because it works”. The Bio-Organics™ brand is also about innovation-leading the way with new, evidence based ingredients and creating new ways of delivering natural medicines to improve effectiveness or make the products easier to use.

Our Quality Guarantee
You can take the Bio-Organics™ range with confidence, knowing that these products are made under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and their quality and integrity is supported by laboratory testing. Therapeutic claims made for Bio-Organics™ products are supported by evidence.

Available at leading pharmacies and health food stores.



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